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Thank you to everyone for coming out and celebrating this historic moment with us!

A special thank you to all those that worked so hard to get us here! Woodland has a great team working hard to make sure our Nation is moving forward in a positive direction.

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Land Code.jpg

2022-2023 Project Updates!

Land Designation for 5 purposed land parcels, E.S.A Phase 1 Environmental reports completed, and Appraisals completed  Project on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions for Voting.​

Feasibility Study and Business Plan underway for future Light Industrial Park by Derby Grounds, part of Land Designation.​

Working with mighty Peace Tourism and in talks about creating a Woodland Cree First Nation Traditional Camp, more to come! ​

Still in talks with Alberta Transportation and Indigenous Services Canada about removing and fixing the Culvert off Highway 986 in Simon Lake, Long process regarding a Land Transfer parcel but we are making progress! ​

Bison Ranch:

17 head of Wood Bison (sakāwmostos) are within our designated ranch area in Martin Lake. Over the winter our bison have been foraging and been given hay to help them stay fed. Our bison caretakers are still learning fast on how to care for these majestic beasts within our home. A handling facility to track and manage our herd is being designed so that we can separate our herd as needed. Also, the total area originally designated for fencing is 700 acres in total. A big area is needed so our bison can thrive and have the room to grow for years to come. The Lands department will be seeking members to help build these initiatives. I know the herd is new to WCFN but I know together we can do great and live alongside these animals. Once our herd builds and in times of need, our bison will be there for us. 

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