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The overall governance of the Woodland Cree First Nation is composed of a Chief and four Councilors. The term for Chief and Council is three years. The Chief and Council each have designated portfolios. The Woodland Cree First Nation is a member of the Kee-Tas-Kee-Now Tribal Council (KTC), and is one of the 24 First Nations within the Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta.




                                                                        Chief - Isaac Laboucan-Avirom





                 Councillor - Joe Jr. Whitehead                                                                                       Councillor - Frank Whitehead


                Councillor - Derek Auger                                                                                               Councillor - George Merrier





Message from our Chief & Council

Tansi, Meyo-kesikaw


We thank all the Woodland Cree people, families, friends as well as our employees and associates for all their hard work, support, and understanding in working together to build and develop our nation. 

Our Chief and Council works hard as a team to achieve the vision of self-sufficiency. Woodland Cree First Nation establishes partnerships that will benefit the quality of life and wellness for our members, while ensuring our traditional land use area and environment is respected and protected. 

Our history, language, culture, and traditions make us who we are, and we endeavor to pass these values and wisdom onto our children so they can be proud of their heritage.

Our Woodland Cree members continue to hunt, trap, fish, harvest and gather as part of maintaining our livelihood and culture.

Thank you,  ki-na-nasko-mi-ti-na-wow, ekosi maka

Chief and Council, Woodland Cree First Nation #474 

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