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Treaty Based Education- Our School, Our Future 

Students learning to canoe on the lake. Paddle Canada  came to our community to train members/youth on the canoe 


Training and Development

Felicia Ochs


Office hours : 9 to 5 Monday to Friday 

 We look after Post Secondary students who want to carry on their education unto college or university.  I would like to congratulate students who received their certificates/diplomas/degrees for this school year all the best to them.


Information for students who intend to apply to the band:

  1. Application needs to be filled out (if needed can email package to you)

  2. Letter of acceptance from college/university

  3. Copy of treaty card and AHC for self and dependents

  4. Transcripts from high school or college/university

  5. Deadline for application is May 31st of any given year

For more information contact Felicia at the band office.

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