Deny Thomas - Health Director


Antoinette Willier - Administrative Assistant


Kara Laboucan - Receptionist

Eleanor Merrier- Medical Transportation Coordinator 

Joanne Gibb - Medical Transportation 

Carla Letendre- Recreation Coordinator 

Roland Laboucan- Maternal Child Health 

Ashlynn Letendre- CHR

Penny Carifelle/ Elizabeth Whitehead- NNADP

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  • Management & Support

    • Health Director

    • Administrative Assistant

    • Support Clerk


  • E-Health (Telehealth Room)


  • Visiting Professionals

    • Doctor

    • Dentist

    • Mental Health


  • Outside Networking

    • Probations

    • Native Counseling

    • Alberta Health (Aboriginal Liaison)

    • NIHB Advocate


  • Operations & Maintenance

    • Facility Operations Worker


  • NIHB - Medical Transportation

    • Coordinator

    • Assistant

    • Driver


  • Prevention – Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative

    • Recreation worker






Administrative Assistant –Eleanor Merrier

Eleanor Merrier

  • Administrative Support to Health Programs

  • Assist with CHIP data entry

  • Staff Support as required

Support Clerk - Claudia Thunder

  • Booking of all appointments – Dentist, Doctor, Immunizations, Psychologists

  • Provide clerical support

  • Maintain Master filing system

  • Greeting and directing clients


  • Probations – Probation Officer sees clients on a weekly basis in the Health Center

  • Stepping Up Program – Domestic Violence Awareness Program is done weekly in the Health Center – sessions for men and sessions for women

  • Native Counselling – Wanda Keys comes to Health Center to see clients – provide support to people who require any “legal” advise

  • KTC Child & Family Services – Offer some parenting sessions and programming in the community at the Health Center

  • Medical Transportation Coordinator – Belinda Williams

  • Med Van Driver - Penny Carifelle

  • NIHB Program – Set Funding

  • Health Canada NIHB is going to do a file review/audit of NIHB Med Trans so we may access more funds


  • Community Mental Health Programs

    • NNADAP Worker

    • Solvent Abuse

    • Brighter Futures

    • Community Mental Health/ Brighter Futures


  • Children & Youth

    • Maternal Child Health

    • Aboriginal Headstart On-Reserve

    • Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program


  • Public Health Community Health

    • CHR / Environmental Health

    • Nurse in Charge

    • Visiting Nurse


  • Home Care

    • Home maker

    • Health Care Aide

    • KTC Home Care Nurse


  • Health Director

  • Administers, monitors, evaluates and implements the delivery of the Health programs

    • Administers and monitors the Health Services Program Budgets

    • Creates a network and liaises between health related agencies/organizations, service providers and the community



Medical Transportation

  • Meals will only be provided for clients in day travel status who reside outside a 200 km radius

  • Exceptions are made in special circumstance depending on the medical needs of the client (diabetes)

  • Accommodations will be approved when a client resides outside a 200 km radius – exceptions can be made in special circumstances of the client

       Appointment Confirmation

  • Clients must provide confirmation they have attended

  • When a client does not attend a scheduled appointment, the client may have to assume the cost of the next trip to access medically required health services


Means of Transportation

  • Medical Van – this is the priority mode of transportation .

  • Private Mileage/ Gas Support – Appointment has to be confirmed.